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Crisp Challenge Trophy Rules 2012+

Crisp Rule 1 : All games played using the Stableford points system, off of the competition tee of the day. For scores to count you must complete each hole in it's entirety. No gimmes, you must putt out.
Crisp Rule 2 : All players must have a handicap certificate.
Crisp Rule 3 : Full handicap allowance applies.
Crisp Rule 4 : A card should be marked in accordance with usual club rules. The card should clearly indicate the players names, their handicaps for the evening's game and their scores. To help the scorers the cards need to clearly indicate shots taken on the hole and the stableford points received.
Crisp Rule 5 : If you win you will be deducted shots from your handicap for your next game depending on your winning total.
Crisp Rule 6 : If you are in the prize money and score 36 - 37 points you will be deducted one shot in your next game from your handicap allowance.
Crisp Rule 7 : If you are in the prize money and score 38 - 39 points you will be deducted two shots in your next game from your handicap allowance.
Crisp Rule 8 : If you score 40 - 41 points you will be deducted three shots in your next game.
Crisp Rule 9 : If you score 42 - 43 points you will be deducted four shots in your next game.
Crisp Rule 10 : If you score 44 - 45 points you will be deducted five shots in your next game.
Crisp Rule 11 : If you score 46 - 47 points you will be deducted six shots in your next game.
Crisp Rule 12 : You will get one handicap shot back per round you play provided you are not in the prize money. So for example if you were cut 3 shots down to 7 handicap it would take 3 rounds outside the prize money before you get your 3 shots back.
Crisp Rule 13 : The golfer who finishes with the least points has to buy crisps for everyone. However, if nine or more play then the bottom two players pay, seventeen or more and the bottom three pay, etc etc..
Crisp Rule 14 : Golfers who pay for the crisps will have one shot added to their handicap allowance, they will retain this allowance until they are in the prize money at which time they will return to their official club handicap minus any shots subject to crisp rules 5 to 12. If you have handicap shots owing because you were in the prize money and then you buy the crisps you will only get 1 shot back on that night and subsequent weeks until your handicap is zero. Your additional Crispy shot will then be added once your handicap has reached zero
Crisp Rule 15 : If players have level scores normal back 9 back 6 etc applies.
Crisp Rule 16 : To qualify for the crisp trophy you must play 10 rounds or more. If you play more than 10 rounds your best 10 will count. Highest number of points will be the winner
Crisp Rule 17 : All matches to be played on a Wednesday from 3.30pm to dusk. If you arrive late on Wednesday night and don't have a playing partner to mark your card it is acceptable for you to play and mark your own. Golf being a game where honesty is paramount, your score will be honoured.
Crisp Rule 18 : There is a '2s' competition each week with money awarded, depending upon the number of 2s and the number of players. In the event of a hole in one, all of the money will be awarded to that player (or those players, if more than one).
Crisp Rule 19 : The Ian Snell Trophy will be won by the most consistent Crispy, as the average of all their scores provided:
  1. They are not the Crispy Champion.
  2. They have competed at least 15 times in the season.
Crisp Rule 20 : All entry fees (£3:00) must be paid on the day.
Crisp Rule 21 : If a competitor enters the Crispy Competition of the day but fails to finish his round, he must still pay. However his score will not count in relation to paying for the Crisps or in gaining a Crispy Shot.
Crisp Rule 22 : The chairman has the final say.