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Reigning Crispy Champion
The 2017 Crispy Golf Champion, Jason Brock is presented with the Crispy Golf trophy by the Crispy President Jim Nation.
Jason whose handicap is 0 scored 377 points in his best 10 rounds from a total of 28.
Ian Snell Trophy 2014
Ian Snell Trophy
Winner of the Ian Snell trophy, Gary Wilde presented Crispy President Jim Nation. Gary's average score was 33.72 from 25 rounds off a handicap of 7.

The trophy is awarded to the player that has the most consistent scoring throughout the cripy season.

Crispy Challenge Concept

If it's golf you love and it's a challenge you can't resist, then prepare yourself for the the Crisp Challenge. But what is it?

Once upon a game, some where near the 18th hole, a small group of club players were playing out their weekend challenge and as with all good games they finished off at the club house for refreshments. While congratulating the winner over a fine pint they all realised that the winner had nothing to show for his skilful effort.

Utilising their brain power and humour the group wrestled with the many awards and trophy's they could use as a symbol of championship. But as a non-profit group of players who volunteer their participation in tournaments and with no finance the challenge became more than just a game of golf.

In light of all these facts the group had to take what they could afford and what was near by. But what did they choose?

Eureka!! A packet of crisps from the bar. And so the Crisp Challenge and the Crisp Golf Society was born and today this prestigious, major award for being a Crisp Champion is much sought after by professionals and club players alike.  
So why not join us or request a challenge and discover if your bag of players deserve the Crispy Golf experience.