With a winning score of 42, Clive Smalldon takes this weeks top spot. Obviously Clive had no problems putting where many others came off the course muttering under their breath about the state of the green. I too found it difficult to putt tonight and missed many an opportunity to score high. A rather busy night tonight, the course was rather full and many of us including myself took it upon us to start at the ninth. Ali and I have to say a big thank you to Brian and Chris for allowing us to make up a four ball with them making the evening go quicker than it otherwise would have. PS. It looks like there were no twos tonight according to the score sheet I have. If you had one let me know. PPS, Did you play Dennis as there is no score for you?
Fixture Results  (07 Jul 10)
Players Name Playing
Off Of
Points Position Twos Crisps Shots New Crispy
Clive Smalldon  42 1 Cut 4
David Fineberg  39 2 Cut 2
Jeff Andrews  38 3 Cut 2
Steve Lowe  38 4 Cut 2
Chris Dunlop  38
Roger Wallbutton  37
Paul Coleman  36
Simon Cory-Humble  36
Alistair Johnson  35
Ian Snell  35
Paul Fineberg  34
Pat Jones  34
Stuart Ling  33
Tom Sloman  33
Pep Symons  33
Bob Irish  32
John Irish  32
Malcolm Lawrence  32
Greg Hammond  31
Ray Martin  31
Mark Popham  31
Stuart Coleman  30
Mike Elkington  30
Chris Hole  30
Steve Sloman  29
Jamie Carr  28
Paul Godwin  27 Yes Plus 1
Richard Palmer  27 Yes Plus 1
Steve Parker  21 Yes Plus 1