What a great night. England through with a 1-0 victory which by all accounts was a better performance with some passion and commitment. A tennis match that lasted more than 10 hours at Wimbledon, with a final set of some 57 matches and still going into tomorrow due to bad light and an evenings golf in glorious sunshine on a course that was almost deserted and playing fine as usual. Fozzy obviously had a good round with an impressive 39 points. How does he do it? I wish I knew even more I wish I could emulate it. Chris Dunlop, yet another fine performance with 38, well done Chris. Not so good for me though, I could only muster 26 points and had to buy the crisps. I'm not too worried about the crisps but really disappointed that no-one had any sympathy for my cries of bad back. My round was cheered up though when I got to the 13th, Fozzy was there grinning from ear to ear as apparently Mark and Mike had just seen a stray dog on the course and saw fit to get a dog license costing 7 and 6. Well done lads, how thoughtful of you.
Fixture Results  (23 Jun 10)
Players Name Playing
Off Of
Points Position Twos Crisps Shots New Crispy
Jon Foster  39 1 1 Cut 2
Chris Dunlop  38 2 Cut 2
Geoff Tyler  37 3 1 Cut 1
Mike Steadman  37 4 2 Cut 1
Graham Adams  36
Jamie Carr  36 1
Marino Griffiths  36
John Irish  36 1
Stuart Coleman  35
Mike Elkington  34
Mark Popham  34
Tom Sloman  34 1
Bob Irish  33
Bruce Chadwick  32 1
Alistair Johnson  32 1
Pat Jones  32 1
Stuart Ling  32
Gary Lawrence  31
Dennis Breakwell  30
Steve Sloman  30
Malcolm Lawrence  29 2
Kevin Burt  27 Yes Plus 1
Ian Snell  26 Yes Plus 1
Simon Cory-Humble  22 Yes Plus 1