A somewhat cooler evening compared to the last few days made for some pleasant golf. Not too cold and not too hot. The greens were hard due to the recent sun however, lovely to putt on. A good score by yours truly (webmaster Ian Snell) of 41 was the winning score followed closely by Alistair Johnston on 40. One unfortunate word of concern tonight was that there were some rather distasteful and may I say untruthful words banded about tonight. I know it would be wrong to name anyone but needless to say I feel it my duty to mention that anyone playing still wearing nappies would do well to keep quiet. It might be alright to micky-take over and older gentleman being behind your drives but I think that one should first check the scores on the doors and consider if accuracy is better than slinging a drive a long way but not actually hitting the fairways. Never mind Tom I won't tell anyone; I especially won't tell them about what you were trying to do to that poor little bunny rabbit on the 18th tee.
Fixture Results  (26 May 10)
Players Name Playing
Off Of
Points Position Twos Crisps Shots New Crispy
Ian Snell  41 1 Cut 3
Alistair Johnson  40 2 1 Cut 3
Simon Foster  37 3 1 Cut 1
Tom Sloman  37 4 2 Cut 1
Mike Elkington  37 1
Brian Hawkins  36
Richard Palmer  36 1
Steve Parker  36
Jeff Andrews  35
Dennis Breakwell  35
Clive Smalldon  35
Jon Foster  34 1
Paul Godwin  34
Simon Read  33
Pat Jones  32
John Riches  32
Roger Wallbutton  32
Kevin Burt  31
Chris Smith  30 1
Scott Wallbutton  30
Neil Grout  28
Simon Cory-Humble  27
Stuart Ling  26
Jamie Carr  25 Yes Plus 1
Andy Smith  24 Yes Plus 1
Chris Dunlop  23 Yes Plus 1