Ever heard the saying "keep it in the family". Yes well, you could apply that to the "Foster Family" as if it's not Jon winning the crispy it's brother Simon. It was a lovely night yet again with a little bit of a breeze that was enough to make it a little difficult. Simon led the way with 38 points tonight, Geoff tyler losing out on count back. For shortest drive tonight the prize goes to Mark Popham, although there is some dispute over the exact distance it was driving down the 3rd and thought to be somewhere in the region of 25 inches. If any one knows of a shorter drive then please contact the admin team, but to be honest it would be difficult to beat.
Fixture Results  (28 Apr 10)
Players Name Playing
Off Of
Points Position Twos Crisps Shots New Crispy
Simon Foster  38 1 Cut 2
Geoff Tyler  38 2 Cut 2
Mark Popham  37 3 Cut 1
Graham Adams  37 4 Cut 1
Alistair Johnson  37 1
Ian Snell  36
Jim Allan  34
Dennis Breakwell  34
Paul Godwin  34
Clive Smalldon  34
Jeff Andrews  33
Jon Foster  33
Greg Hammond  33
Malcolm Lawrence  33
Chris Dunlop  32
Ray Martin  32
Andy Smith  32
Roger Wallbutton  32 1
Kevin Burt  31
Stuart Coleman  31
Mike Elkington  31
Marino Griffiths  31 1
Stuart Ling  31
Pat Jones  29
Simon Cory-Humble  28
Simon Read  28
Steve Parker  27 Yes Plus 1
Jamie Carr  26 Yes Plus 1
Alan Hannigan  26 Yes Plus 1
Richard Palmer  16 Yes Plus 1