A lovely evening's golf with the sun shinning and the course getting back to its old self after the dry spell. Daffs out and blossom on the trees. The grass getting back to normal with some late spring growth and the greens drying out and getting faster. All that said though the scoring tonight was quite low. Graham coming out on top with 36 points and then 5 on 35, myself included. I guess the harder conditions with the balls travelling further and bouncing through the greens made it harder to judge distances. It was nice to play off of the back tees though taking the course back to it's usual length.
Fixture Results  (21 Apr 10)
Players Name Playing
Off Of
Points Position Twos Crisps Shots New Crispy
Graham Adams  36 1 Cut 1
Mike Elkington  35 2
Jon Foster  35 3
Alistair Johnson  35 4 1
Stuart Ling  35 4 1
Ian Snell  35
Simon Foster  33
Greg Hammond  33 1
Ray Martin  33
Dennis Breakwell  32
Pat Jones  32 1
Malcolm Lawrence  32
Marino Griffiths  31 1
Jamie Carr  30
Richard Palmer  30
Andy Salter  30
Roger Wallbutton  30 1
Paul Godwin  29
Geoff Tyler  29
Kevin Burt  28 1
Simon Cory-Humble  28
Steve Parker  28
Stuart Coleman  27
Andy Smith  25 Yes Plus 1
Chris Dunlop  24 Yes Plus 1