An excellent turn out on this the first night of the year. Last weeks being cancelled due to the rain. Twenty nine golfers keen to prove their worth on the course turned out to play on what was a lovely evening. At last a dry spell that allowed us back on the greens and fairways that show signs of some spring growth. Jon Foster and Stuart Ling were the men of the moment. Both with brilliant scores of 40 on a night when the greens were a little bumpy. Jon managing to take tonight’s top spot on back nine. Scores were generally good all round; so much so that I had to buy the crisps on 30 points. Oh well not such a good start for me but maybe next week.
Fixture Results  (07 Apr 10)
Players Name Playing
Off Of
Points Position Twos Crisps Shots New Crispy
Jon Foster  40 1 Cut 3
Stuart Ling  40 2 Cut 3
Dennis Breakwell  39 3 Cut 2
Stuart Coleman  39 4 1 Cut 2
Graham Adams  38
Simon Cory-Humble  38
Paul Godwin  38
Marino Griffiths  38 1
Pat Jones  37
Roger Wallbutton  37
Roger Neale  36
Simon Read  35
Mike Elkington  34
Steve Parker  34
Clive Smalldon  34
Geoff Tyler  34
Simon Foster  33
Malcolm Lawrence  33
Ian McGowan  33
Jeff Andrews  32
Kevin Burt  32
Chris Dunlop  32
Mark Popham  32
John Irish  31
Bob Irish  31
Ian Snell  30 Yes Plus 1
Chris Hole  29 Yes Plus 1
Richard Palmer  15 Yes Plus 1