Sitting in the clubhouse at 3:30 and who would of thought there would be any play. It was absolutely lashing down but still the crispy faithfuls waited in the hope of a break in the weather and perhaps at least some golf. Well needless to say the golfing gods were on our side tonight and at about 4:00 it was good enough to play. Yes there were some spots and we did get a little wet in the middle of the round but really quite a nice night. Ron Clements enjoyed the best of the night with a super 40 points and John Richards close in second on 39.
Fixture Results  (17 Jun 09)
Players Name Playing
Off Of
Points Position Twos Crisps Shots New Crispy
Ron Clements  40 1 Cut 3
John Richards  39 2 Cut 2
Clive Smalldon  37 3 Cut 1
Adrian Barratt  37 4 1 Cut 1
Andy Smith  36
Simon Cory-Humble  35
Joel Criddle  35
Stuart Ling  35 1
Jeff Andrews  33 1
Mike Elkington  33
Mark Popham  33
Pat Jones  30
Mike Steadman  30
Jon Foster  29
Kevin Burt  28
Chris Dunlop  26
Ken Swain  26
Jamie Carr  25
Paul Godwin  25 Yes Plus 1
Richard Palmer  23 Yes Plus 1
Marcus Sharif  21 1 Yes Plus 1