Another very nice summers evening, although a little blustery at time but was really pleasent with plenty of sunshine and relatively warm. A good turn out tonight, 27 crispy hopefuls in all. However, tonight saw low scoring with nearly the whole field crammed in the thirtys. On top was Chris Dunlop with his score of 39 winning by the closes of margins on count back. I personnaly played a very enjoyable round of golf with Andy Smith and Richard Palmer. Neither one of use challenged the winning score but we all had our moments when things connected and the shots came off. Much thanks needs to be conveyed to Mrs Nation tonight for the kind donation of her prized cake tupperware box, a functional aid which will be covetted by the admin team for many a year.
Fixture Results  (10 Jun 09)
Players Name Playing
Off Of
Points Position Twos Crisps Shots New Crispy
Chris Dunlop  39 1 1 Cut 2
Marcus Sharif  39 2 Cut 2
Marino Griffiths  39 3 Cut 2
Dennis Breakwell  38 4 Cut 2
Ken Swain  38
Jamie Carr  37
Simon Cory-Humble  37
Stuart Ling  37
Kevin Pellow  37
Clive Smalldon  36
Ian Snell  36
Mark Popham  35
Joel Criddle  34
Neil Grout  34
Jeff Andrews  33
Kevin Burt  33
Mike Elkington  33 1
Pat Jones  33 1
Andy Smith  33
John Richards  32
Jon Foster  31
Steve Parker  31
Keith Sandown  30 Yes Plus 1
Stuart Coleman  29 Yes Plus 1
Roger Wallbutton  29 Yes Plus 1
Richard Palmer  20 Yes Plus 1