What an absolutely fabulous night for golf. Sun shinning, little to no wind and a good turn out of 30 Crispy challenge hopefuls. With the ball flying through long the air and bouncing miles down the fairways it was often a shortest iron into the green, so high scoring a possibility. However, even the shortest irons were hard to control with balls bouncing hard on the greens and often leaving with a chip back to the pin. Not all found it easy, infact apart from the top four the scores weren't that high. Well done to Pat Jones for winning on count back over Simon Heap with 41 points. Crisp chairman Jim Nation unfortunately had to retired hurt with his bad back again. This caused some bad feeling as apparently Marino wanted the money for winning the front nine and Stuart lost his lucky charm (Jim) and a wheel from his wagon on the back nine. Anyone finding a wagon wheel around the tenth or eleventh hole should contact the club immediately and we will try to refit said wheel ready for next week.
Fixture Results  (03 Jun 09)
Players Name Playing
Off Of
Points Position Twos Crisps Shots New Crispy
Pat Jones  41 1 1 Cut 3
Simon Heap  41 2 1 Cut 3
Ken Swain  37 3 1 Cut 1
Mark Popham  36 4 Cut 1
Joel Criddle  36
Philip Worth  36
Simon Foster  35
Jamie Carr  34 1
Jeff Andrews  33
Stuart Coleman  32 1
Marino Griffiths  32
Stuart Ling  31
Geoff Tyler  31
Dennis Breakwell  30
Kevin Pellow  30
John Richards  30
Ian Snell  30
Kevin Burt  28
Mike Elkington  28
Paul Godwin  28 1
Clive Smalldon  28
Andy Smith  28 1
Chris Hole  27
Howard Klys  25
Neil Grout  25 Yes Plus 1
Keith Sandown  25 Yes Plus 1
Simon Cory-Humble  24 Yes Plus 1
Richard Palmer  20 Yes Plus 1
Jim Nation  18 Yes Plus 1