A lovely afternoon and evenings golf even if it did get a little colder later on. The sun was shinning on us tonight, which made for pleasent golf. However, the wind was blustery and quite difficult on some on the holes. The scoring was fairly low tonight with only a few exceptions most scores being in the low 30s. Ian Snell (yours truely) came out on top tonight with an impressive 40 and Andy Smith a close second with 39. Rumour has it that when he went home early he thought he'd stand a chance to win tonight. Sorry Andy. One last thing to mention tonight is the record which is just about to be set by Kevin Burt. Apparently he hasn't brought the crisps yet this year where as usually he has before april ends. Kev's says he's trying for a record and hopes to hold out to the end of May. Good luck Kev.
Fixture Results  (20 May 09)
Players Name Playing
Off Of
Points Position Twos Crisps Shots New Crispy
Ian Snell  40 1 Cut 3
Andy Smith  39 2 Cut 2
Roger Wallbutton  37 3 1 Cut 1
Kevin Burt  36 4 Cut 1
Scott Wallbutton  35
Jeff Andrews  33
Mark Popham  33 1
Graham Adams  32
Dennis Breakwell  32
Jon Foster  32
John Smith  32
Mike Steadman  32 1
Philip Worth  32
Simon Foster  31
Simon Heap  31 1
Stuart Coleman  30
Simon Cory-Humble  30
Steve Parker  30
Clive Smalldon  30
Ron Clements  29
Chris Dunlop  29
Pat Jones  29
Howard Klys  29
Jamie Carr  27
Russell Nurcombe  27
Stuart Ling  27 Yes Plus 1
Joel Criddle  24 Yes Plus 1
Mike Elkington  22 Yes Plus 1