Despite what looked to be bad weather, this evening's golf was rather pleasant and wasn't too cold or wet. In fact the conditions were really quite good and some rather good scores were recorded. Paul Goodwin with 40 taking the winning spot but followed closely by four members with 38. I myself had to buy the crisps for a second time this year and I am currently now sharing that accolade with four others. I put it down to the lack of concentration whilst watching in amazement as Mark Popham smacked the ball probably harder than I've every seen with such a low back lift. In the words of Fozzie "he's an animal". A good evening all round especially when Man Utd put the decisive second goal in against Wigan (or is that Wolverhampton Kev?).
Fixture Results  (13 May 09)
Players Name Playing
Off Of
Points Position Twos Crisps Shots New Crispy
Paul Godwin  40 1 Cut 3
Simon Heap  38 2 Cut 2
Jon Foster  38 3 Cut 2
Jamie Carr  38 4 Cut 2
Simon Cory-Humble  38
Chris Hole  37
Steve Parker  35
Mark Popham  34 1
Philip Worth  34
Kevin Burt  33
Clive Smalldon  33
Stuart Coleman  32
Pat Jones  32 1
Stuart Ling  31
Chris Nicholls  30
Marino Griffiths  29
Roger Wallbutton  29 Yes Plus 1
Ian Snell  27 1 Yes Plus 1
Jeff Andrews  25 Yes Plus 1