Yet again a lovely summers evening with plenty of sunshine and not too much wind. It did get colder later on but those who got off early had it good for the whole round. Scoring was not so good tonight as in previous weeks but as you can see Simon managed to come out on top with 37 points. I myself had an awful round with my new swing and ended up buying the crisps along with Malc. My partner for the night, Jamie played some impressive golf from tee to green but putts were just not dropping. 16 played tonight, lower than usual as the Turkey tour has accounted for 12 of our regulars. If you are reading this on Kev's iphone, we wish you all well and hope the golf is living up to your expectation. Please tell the chairman that his stand in for tonight "Jamie" was more than efficient and all paperwork was completed to the highest of standards as expected.
Fixture Results  (22 Apr 09)
Players Name Playing
Off Of
Points Position Twos Crisps Shots New Crispy
Simon Cory-Humble  39 1 1 Cut 2
Mark Popham  37 2 Cut 1
Andy Smith  36 3 Cut 1
Simon Foster  34
Graham Adams  33
Jamie Carr  30
Joel Criddle  30 1
Howard Klys  29
Ron Clements  27
Steve Parker  27
Chris Dunlop  26
Mike Elkington  26
Chris Hole  25
Malcolm Lawrence  23 Yes Plus 1
Ian Snell  23 Yes Plus 1