Last Crispy night of the year. The final show down saw Mike Elkington and Simon Foster tee off at 2:00pm in a head to head trying to beat their lowest score and take the the winners spot. Unfortunately tonight wasn't their night and neither could improve. The Crispy Champion title was shared between them both with 390 points. Much thanks to our Chairman for another great year of Crispy golf and thanks to all those taking part in making a very memorable Crispy challenge.
Fixture Results  (22 Oct 08)
Players Name Playing
Off Of
Points Position Twos Crisps Shots New Crispy
Kevin Burt  36 1 Cut 1
Clive Smalldon  36 2 1 Cut 1
Jim Nation  36 3 Cut 1
Jon Foster  35 4 Cut 1
Duncan Farrow  35
Stuart Ling  35
Mike Elkington  34
Pat Jones  34
Philip Worth  34 1
Bruce Chadwick  33
Simon Foster  33
Geoff Tyler  33
Simon Cory-Humble  32
Chris Dunlop  31
Steve Parker  31
David Fineberg  30
John Irish  30
Dennis Breakwell  29
Jamie Carr  26 Yes Plus 1