An excellent score of 43 points tonight sees Barry Hardwell (a recent new comer to the crispy scene) come out on top miles ahead of the chasing pack. Tonights scoring was in fact better than usual, was it the receptive greens or the shortened course with a few temporary greens. Either way it set up a ending to this years crispy championship which few if any could of predicted. Yes believe it or not we have a tie at the top between Steve Coomber who had the lead by four last week and Paddy Farrell who improved by five points tonight to catch him. a fantastic and fitting finale to this years battle. Well done to all those who supported the crispy so well this year, we had fun, enjoyed the course, played through some difficult weather, enjoyed the crisps and above all enjoyed each others company.
Don't forget next Wednesday is crispy presentation night. 7:00 for 7:30, order off the bar menu. I believe chef is putting steak on the menu so get up there early before they are all snapped up. P.S. If you want a game next Wednesday the boys are turning up at about 12:30 for a hustle.
See you all next week.
Fixture Results  (24 Oct 12)
Players Name Playing
Off Of
Points Position Twos Crisps Shots New Crispy
Barry Hardwill  43 1 1 Cut 4
Paddy Farrell  39 2 Cut 2
Jeff Andrews  39 3 1 Cut 2
Alan Burton  39 4 Cut 2
Stuart Ling  35
Mike Steadman  35 2
Bob McWilliams  34
Andy Smith  34
Roy Miller  33
Tom Sloman  33 1
Bruce Chadwick  32 1
Steve Lowe  32
Pep Symons  32
Steve Coomber  30
Alan Hannigan  30 Yes Plus 1
Gary Wide  30 Yes Plus 1
David Fineberg  25 1 Yes Plus 1