Well well well it's getting more nail bitingly close at the top each week with changes every evening it would appear. This week it was the turn of Steve Coomber to put in his best round of this year to take the lead. (Always knew you would do it Steve). So one week left and a lot to play for, it looks like it's a five horse race now. Steve Coomber, Bob McWilliams, James Symons, Paddy Farrell and Steve Lowe : who will it be???????????

Reminder... The presentation night where we crown this year's crispy champion will be on Wednesday 31st October.. It's 7pm for 7:30 at the clubhouse, so if you can make it you'll be able to fit a round of golf in first, (I think people intend to go off at about 2ish) and then just like last year we'll have a meal (order off the bar menu) and presentation. Plus my usual breakdown of facts and figures throughout the year. If you can make it we need to know numbers before hand so see myself, Jim or Jeff and just let us know. We've got 16 coming so far.
Fixture Results  (17 Oct 12)
Players Name Playing
Off Of
Points Position Twos Crisps Shots New Crispy
Steve Coomber  41 1 2 Cut 3
Roy Miller  40 2 Cut 3
Tony Biggs  39 3 1 Cut 2
Pep Symons  38 4 Cut 2
Paddy Farrell  37 1
Barry Hardwill  37
Geoff Tyler  36 1
Bob McWilliams  35
Gary Wide  35
Bruce Chadwick  33
Stuart Ling  33
Alan Burton  32
Andy Smith  32
Steve Lowe  31 1
Roger Wallbutton  31
Alan Hannigan  28 Yes Plus 1
Richard Palmer  28 Yes Plus 1
Jim Nation  24 Yes Plus 1