A date for your diaries. Wednesday 31 October. This will be our presentation night where we crown this year's crispy champion. It's 7pm for 7:30 at the clubhouse, so if you can make it you'll be able to fit a round of golf in first, and then just like last year we'll have a meal (order off the bar menu) and presentation. Plus my usual breakdown of facts and figures throughout the year. If you can make it we need to know numbers before hand so see myself, Jim or Jeff and just let us know. We might have to order our meals in advance aswell but as of yet that isn't finalised.
Oh and by the way well done to Andy tonight for his winning score of 37.

Who is going to make this year's crispy champion? Will Steve hang on in there at the top or will Tom get another round in and drop his lowest score of just 25? It really is tight at the top and any one of about 8 players could in theory still knock Steve off the top. Who ever it ends up being they only have 3 weeks left as the last crispy evening in this year's British Summer Time is the 24th of October. Good luck
Fixture Results  (03 Oct 12)
Players Name Playing
Off Of
Points Position Twos Crisps Shots New Crispy
Andy Smith  37 1 Cut 1
Alan Burton  37 2 Cut 1
Ian Snell  32 3
Paddy Farrell  32
Steve Lowe  32
Gary Wide  32
Tom Sloman  31 2
Graham Adams  30
Steve Coomber  30 1
Pep Symons  30
Mark Popham  27
Mike Robinson  25
Roy Miller  24 Yes Plus 1
Richard Palmer  17 Yes Plus 1