Steve Coomber was smiling from ear to ear when I entered the 19th this evening, and no wonder for he took the challenge set down by yours truley and mastered a fantastic 39 taking 1st prize and although it breaks my heart to say it over take me in the league. Well done Steve. Scoring was good all round tonight with some high scores in. Mike Steadman with 38 (bril off of 1), Jamie Symons 38 and Paddy Farrell 37, well done boys.
Interesting things are happening at the top of the crispy league, Steve Lowe has finally managed to keep it together (only just) over the closing holes and came in with a 35 improving his lowest by 2 and now has the top spot. Will it remain that way, only time will tell. Ending on a sad note, we have unfortunately had to take steps to disapline a crispy member tonight due to using social texting and using inappropriate and unbecoming language. A meeting was called and it was decreed that Jamie Symons should be cut another shot. (hee hee unlucky Jamie, but it's a good lesson in life. Treat your elders with respect.)
Fixture Results  (26 Sep 12)
Players Name Playing
Off Of
Points Position Twos Crisps Shots New Crispy
Steve Coomber  39 1 1 Cut 2
Mike Steadman  38 2 Cut 2
Pep Symons  38 3 Cut 3
Paddy Farrell  37 4 Cut 1
Malcolm Lawrence  37
Jamie Tong  36 1
Gary Wide  36
Steve Lowe  35
Roy Miller  35
Mark Popham  33
Graham Adams  31
Jeff Andrews  31
Bruce Chadwick  31
Alan Hannigan  31
Stuart Ling  30
Jim Nation  29
Alistair Johnson  28
Richard Palmer  26 Yes Plus 1
Ian Snell  26 Yes Plus 1
Andy Smith  25 Yes Plus 1