We need fashion police!!! What sort of a shirt was that anyway Gary? Crispy President said "I needed anit-glare glasses". Personnaly I didn't see the shirt at all but that may be because I finished in the dark again. It's difficult to hit a golf shot when you can't really see anything. Lovely evening apart from that. Alan Hannigan took the spoils, I caught and over took Coomber, Paddy enjoyed buying the crisps for everyone (apparently the best thing he did all evening), Lowey bottled it on 16 (out of bounds because all he needed to do was parr in for top spot) and Man Utd had a 1-0 win. What could be better. Only five evenings / afternoons left and still a close race for the top spot. Is Steve going to manage it? Oh and Linger says that if Jamie Carr comes in the winnings he is going to donate it for all of us to have a nice drink at the Crispy presentation evening when we crown this years winner. Thanks Jamie.
Fixture Results  (19 Sep 12)
Players Name Playing
Off Of
Points Position Twos Crisps Shots New Crispy
Alan Hannigan  38 1 Cut 2
Graham Adams  37 2 1 Cut 1
Ian Snell  35 3 1
Andy Smith  34 4
Stuart Ling  34
Steve Lowe  33
Pep Symons  33 1
Jamie Tong  33
Alistair Johnson  32
Malcolm Lawrence  32 1
Mark Popham  32
Jim Nation  31
John Snell  31
John White  30
Roy Miller  29
Gary Wide  29
Paul Godwin  28
Will Parkman  28 1
Paddy Farrell  27 Yes Plus 1
Mike Steadman  27 Yes Plus 1
Richard Palmer  20 Yes Plus 1