It was a lovely night again but unfortunately very slow. However the golf was good and some really good scores in. The winning score from Bob McWilliams of 40 was completed in pitch black with him blobbing the last. I know how dark it was as I finished 5 minutes before him and I couldn't see the cup from 5 feet let along read the green Ha Ha. Roy Miller also on 40 points lost out on back 6. Bob must have really been on fire for his last 5 scoring holes.
As far as the crispy championship goes I reckon its down to a four horse race. It's very tight at the top now with little between them. But there is still 6 more weeks to go so anything can happen if you are able to get up early enough to get your round in. I personally think I can only manage one more. So watch out, you never know I could possibly have a round of my life. Either way watch out Steve Coomber Snellys coming to get you.
Fixture Results  (12 Sep 12)
Players Name Playing
Off Of
Points Position Twos Crisps Shots New Crispy
Bob McWilliams  40 1 1 Cut 3
Roy Miller  40 2 Cut 3
Will Parkman  39 3 Cut 2
John White  38 4 Cut 2
Stuart Ling  36
Jamie Tong  36
Gary Wide  35
Paul Godwin  34
Pep Symons  34 2
Graham Adams  33
Ian Snell  33
Alan Burton  32
Steve Coomber  32
Mark Popham  31
Geoff Tyler  31
Alan Hannigan  30
Andy Smith  29
Paddy Farrell  27
Mike Steadman  27 1
Bruce Chadwick  25
Mike Elkington  25
Steve Lowe  25 Yes Plus 1
Alistair Johnson  23 Yes Plus 1