A lovely evening tonight, sun out nice and warm and many golfers (23 in all) trying to fit in another round before the evening draw in. Yet again the course proved long with punishing semi rough making it necessary to hit the fairways if you are any chance at all. Steve Lowe challenging for the top spot must have been on form tonight with his winning 38 points. In fact this means that he along with Jamie Carr is now the man for eveyone to chase and can Steve get just more good game in to nudge ahead of Jamie. Second spot with a very good 37 was Graham Adams, again a good score with the difficult conditions. The nights are really drawing in now and an early start and quick play is probably the only way to get a round in now especially for those guys who are trying to fit in just one more round after a days works.
Fixture Results  (05 Sep 12)
Players Name Playing
Off Of
Points Position Twos Crisps Shots New Crispy
Steve Lowe  38 1 1 Cut 2
Graham Adams  37 2 Cut 1
Joseph Jelski  35 3
John Snell  35 4
Stuart Ling  34
Gary Wide  33
Jeff Andrews  32
Steve Coomber  32
Mike Robinson  32 1
Adrian Barratt  31
Pep Symons  31
Alistair Johnson  30 1
Mark Popham  30 1
Bob McWilliams  28
Ian Snell  28
Mike Elkington  27
Paddy Farrell  27 2
Richard Palmer  27
Jamie Tong  27
John White  27
Andy Smith  23 Yes Plus 1
Graham Cartwright  21 Yes Plus 1
Bruce Chadwick  20 Yes Plus 1