Wet, Wet, Wet yet again. In fact I don't think I have personally played it wetter conditions. We had tee'd off and got to the first when the heavens opened, spent ten minutes hidding under our umbrellas, the first green was like a lake and the sceond had 2 rivers flowing through it, we were all for calling it a day but didn't want to have the lowest crispy score ever so had to keep going. The greens were obviously unplayable but like true crispy soldiers we carried on and in the end had an enjoyable evening. In all 20 players we mad enough to brave the conditions tonight and it was Bruce Chadwick who surfaced to the top. Amazingly Bruce managed parr to his 7 handicap with 36 points, well done. Second was Jamie Carr playing his last crispy round before he flys off to Canada. This leaves Jamie on top of the crispy league, 5 points ahead with only 8 more crispy evenings left before summertime ends. Can anyone catch him?
Fixture Results  (29 Aug 12)
Players Name Playing
Off Of
Points Position Twos Crisps Shots New Crispy
Bruce Chadwick  36 1 Cut 1
Jamie Carr  35 2
Paddy Farrell  34 3
John Snell  33 4
Ian Snell  31
Mike Steadman  30
Jeff Andrews  29
Steve Coomber  29
Alistair Johnson  29
Gary Wide  29
Steve Lowe  28 1
Andy Smith  28
Stuart Ling  27
Pep Symons  27
Pat Jones  26
Graham Cartwright  24
Mark Popham  24
John White  22 Yes Plus 1
Charlie Chadwick  21 Yes Plus 1
Roy Miller  14 Yes Plus 1