A good turn out tonight with 34 crispy golfers ready to battle the elements. Fortunately tonight the weather was on our side, the sun was out, no rain and little to no wind; so no excuses then. Despite the conditions only two bettered parr. Well done to Mark Langford and Jim Nation who both managed a respectful 38. Unfortunately our crispy president lost out on count back to Mark and because of his second place is cut 5 shots, two for his 38 points and 3 crispy shots. Jim's face was a picture but after all he did make up the rules and has to abide by them as we all do. Talking of rules John White fell flat by them tonight when he putted a 40 foot putt on the 12th and was docked two penalty points. Yes that's right John you are supposed to take the pin out before you putt it in. I guess you won't make that mistake again for a while.

PS. A big thank you to Jeff Andrews for stepping in and putting the results on the website for me over the past 3 weeks.
Thanks Jeff.

Fixture Results  (22 Aug 12)
Players Name Playing
Off Of
Points Position Twos Crisps Shots New Crispy
Mark Langford  38 1 1 Cut 2
Jim Nation  38 2 1 Cut 2
Bob McWilliams  36 3 Cut 1
Mike Elkington  35 4
Jeff Andrews  35 1
Gary Wide  35
Paddy Farrell  34
Malcolm Lawrence  34
Ian Snell  34
Bruce Chadwick  33
Alistair Johnson  33
Pep Symons  33
Adrian Barratt  32
Steve Coomber  32
Richard Palmer  32
Roger Wallbutton  32
Alan Hannigan  31
Joseph Jelski  31
Steve Lowe  31
Steve Sloman  31 1
Jamie Tong  31
David Fineberg  30
Stuart Ling  30
Jamie Carr  29
Bob Irish  29
Mark Popham  29
Roy Miller  28
Martin Short  28
John White  28
Mike Steadman  27 Yes Plus 1
Geoff Tyler  27 Yes Plus 1
Paul Godwin  26 Yes Plus 1
Graham Adams  25 1 Yes Plus 1
John Irish  24 Yes Plus 1