What a contrast to last week when the course was nearly flooded and probably should have been closed. However, we are pleased to see the sun at last and boy wasn't it hot. I must say the course was in great condition tonight, looking at it's very best. The ground staff had done a great job of cutting the fairways and semi rough, giving the course a real summery feel. However, the scoring was still not that fantastic, with many low scores and the average around about 30. It was left to new comer Georgia Calvert to put the only good round in tonight with her score of 40 points taking the number one spot and John White with a consistent 37 to take second.

NB. Jeff Andrews will be doing the website for the next 4 weeks and says he will try to get scores up by Thursday night or at the latest Friday night. If you can give Jeff a hand doing the scores on the night I'm sure he'll appreciate it.

Fixture Results  (25 Jul 12)
Players Name Playing
Off Of
Points Position Twos Crisps Shots New Crispy
John White  37 2 Cut 1
Mike Elkington  35 3
Paddy Farrell  35 4
Mark Popham  35 1
Ian Snell  34
Adrian Barratt  33
John Irish  33
Steve Lowe  33
Gary Wide  33
Bob Irish  32
Graham Adams  31
Steve Sloman  31
Alistair Johnson  30
Pat Jones  30
Stuart Ling  30 1
Mike Steadman  30 2
Alan Burton  29
Jamie Carr  29
Bruce Chadwick  29
David Fineberg  29
Pep Symons  29
Jeff Andrews  28
Chris Hole  28
Richard Palmer  28
Martin Short  27
Paul Godwin  26
Alan Hannigan  26 Yes Plus 1
Graham Cartwright  23 Yes Plus 1
Jamie Tong  21 Yes Plus 1