WOW! What can I say? A brilliant 44 points, net 62 Tom. It must have been some great golf; I wish I could have witnessed it. Well done Tom, does that mean you'll be off scratch in the club house? It does mean that in the crispy we are cutting you 5 shots so you could be playing off of +5 next week, it hardly seems fair! Ha Ha… For the rest of us Steve Coomber's 39 points and Stuart Coleman's 38 would have seemed like a good night. A total of 36 of us had a go tonight on what was a rather slow evening with the club very busy. A large society I think was the cause so putting us all back and making it rather slow.

Apologies to Jamie Tong and Steve Sloman for missing the fact you both got two's last week and we missed them when doing the scores. I'll add them on to the websites records so you can keep a count for the year but unfortunately the dosh has already been divided up, sorry boys.

Regarding two's, it will help tremendously if you get a two, or someone in your group gets one to make it known to who ever is doing the score sheet. Mark it clearly on the card and shout it out when you get in the bar.

Fixture Results  (27 Jun 12)
Players Name Playing
Off Of
Points Position Twos Crisps Shots New Crispy
Tom Sloman  44 1 2 Cut 5
Steve Coomber  39 2 1 Cut 2
Stuart Coleman  38 3 1 Cut 2
Gary Wide  36 4 Cut 1
Roy Miller  36 1
Alistair Johnson  35 2
Stuart Ling  35
Bob McWilliams  35
Andy Smith  35 1
Paul Godwin  34
John Irish  34 1
Jamie Carr  33
Graham Cartwright  33
Mike Elkington  33
Bob Irish  33
Pat Jones  33
Steve Lowe  33
Dennis Breakwell  32
Alan Hannigan  32 1
Chris Hole  32
Pep Symons  32
Bruce Chadwick  31
Steve Sloman  31
John White  31
Graham Adams  30
Chris Dunlop  30
Roger Wallbutton  30
Alan Burton  29
Jim Nation  29 1
David Fineberg  28
Jamie Tong  27
Mike Steadman  26 1 Yes Plus 1
Mark Popham  25 Yes Plus 1
Jeff Andrews  24 Yes Plus 1
Roger Lang  23 Yes Plus 1
Paddy Farrell  20 Yes Plus 1