Despite the weather forecast of rain and yet more rain for what has been a pretty nasty week weather wise we had a really good turnout. 37 potential golfers turned up in total last night for what was a lovely evening with only a small splattering of light showers. The scoring was better last night with more players coming in with a useful score. Paddy Farrell was the man to beat last night with his winning score of 40. He was chuffed to bits with both his performance and winnings until Jim gave him the news that next week he is cut 3 shots for winning, he loses his crispy shot and because he is likely to be cut by 1 or 2 shots on his club handicap it could mean that next week he will be playing with 6 less shots. His smile obvious was not so great after the news and he nearly lost more shots for making a fuss. Ali Johnson had an impressive evening with his 38 points, so well done Ali. Oh and by the way you are playing off scratch next week. Finally a get well note to Stuart Coleman who struggled around last night and couldn't complete the round mainly due to exhaustion after having an operation on his throat and not eating for days. You still had to buy the crisps though Stu but we wish you well and hope you are back to full strength soon.


Last night we were 6.00 short on entry fees. Obviously a pairing has forgotten to put their money in the pot. If that is you can you let me know and hand it over next week. Ian

Fixture Results  (13 Jun 12)
Players Name Playing
Off Of
Points Position Twos Crisps Shots New Crispy
Paddy Farrell  40 1 Cut 3
Alistair Johnson  38 2 1 Cut 2
Steve Lowe  38 3 Cut 2
Chris Dunlop  37 4 Cut 1
Steve Sloman  37
John Snell  37 1
Malcolm Lawrence  36
Ian Snell  36
Mark Popham  35
Pep Symons  35
Alan Hannigan  34
Mike Robinson  34 1
Graham Adams  33
Alan Burton  33
Geoff Tyler  33
Stuart Sully  32 3
Mike Elkington  31
Joseph Jelski  31
Tom Sloman  31 1
Jamie Tong  31
Roger Wallbutton  31
Gary Wide  31
Bob Irish  30
Roy Miller  30 1
Jamie Carr  29
Bruce Chadwick  29
Stuart Ling  29
Jim Nation  29
Chris Hole  28 1
Pat Jones  28
John White  28 1
Andy Smith  27
Steve Coomber  27 Yes Plus 1
Mark Langford  24 Yes Plus 1
John Irish  23 Yes Plus 1
Richard Palmer  23 Yes Plus 1
Stuart Coleman  21 Yes Plus 1