Again a lovely evening for golf but not necessary a good evening for scoring as only James Symons was under his handicapp with 38 points. The scoring hasn't been that good so far this year with most nights generally having low scores except the winner who bucks the trend. Highlights of my night were finding out that the Crispy President Jim Nation got a little flustered on his back nine only to be compounded by his playing parnter putting a caring arm on his shoulder and saying the words that no golfer wants to hear "Ah never mind" and another little gem when I heard those words of desperation this time from Steve Coomber after he had put his self in the trees left of 10 and muttered "I can see a gap" how often have I said that to my self. For those of you who didn't stay late the evening went on to discuss the rules of golf. In particular the rabbit scrape and nearest point of relief when taking a drop especially off of the path on the 4th. ADVICE... Check the rules and make sure you are clear about them before you go out to play.
Fixture Results  (30 May 12)
Players Name Playing
Off Of
Points Position Twos Crisps Shots New Crispy
Pep Symons  38 1 Cut 2
Steve Coomber  36 2 Cut 1
Jamie Carr  36 3 Cut 1
Mark Popham  35 4
Dennis Breakwell  34
Paul Godwin  34
Andy Smith  34
Ian Snell  34
Mike Elkington  33
Paddy Farrell  33
Alistair Johnson  33
Bob Irish  32
Stuart Ling  32
John White  32
Bruce Chadwick  31
Mark Langford  31
Gary Wide  31
Chris Dunlop  30 1
Steve Lowe  30
Jim Nation  30
Stuart Sully  30
Roger Wallbutton  30
Alan Burton  29
Alan Hannigan  29
Joseph Jelski  29
Dave Potter  29
Richard Palmer  28 1
Mike Steadman  28
Simon Cory-Humble  27 Yes Plus 1
Roy Miller  26 Yes Plus 1
Jeff Andrews  25 Yes Plus 1
David Fineberg  17 Yes Plus 1