The weather back and so are the boys. A good turnout tonight, 25 playing in total but scores not that brilliant. Except that is for Rob McWilliams who managed 38 points when the average score was well below that. I found the course playing quite long tonight, the rough was unforgiving as it has grown with all that rain and even in the semi-rough it wasn't that easy. I know that some were finding the greens difficult too with complaints of them being slow and a little bumpy. For me I thought they were pretty good, looking nice and found putting quite true but then it is the part of my game I can rely on. Lets hoope the weather remains fine from now on so we can get all the boys out on the course enjoying our great facilities.
Fixture Results  (16 May 12)
Players Name Playing
Off Of
Points Position Twos Crisps Shots New Crispy
Bob McWilliams  38 1 Cut 2
Pep Symons  37 2 Cut 1
Stuart Coleman  36 3 Cut 1
John White  36 4 Cut 1
Geoff Tyler  35 1
Roy Miller  34
Tom Sloman  34
Graham Adams  32
Chris Smith  32
Ian Snell  32
Gary Wide  32
Alistair Johnson  31 1
Malcolm Lawrence  31 1
Steve Lowe  31
Andy Smith  31
Steve Sloman  30 1
Jeff Andrews  29
Jamie Carr  29
David Fineberg  29
Stuart Ling  29
Stuart Sully  29
Steve Coomber  25
Mike Elkington  25 Yes Plus 1
Paddy Farrell  25 Yes Plus 1
Jamie Tong  25 Yes Plus 1
Richard Palmer  14 Yes Plus 1