Bit of a mix up tonight, playing off of whites or yellow tees. Sorry for the mix up lads but in the future to avoid any confusion Crispy will use the same tees as the mid week Turn Up and Play, thus allowing those who wish to enter both on the same night to do so. I'll update the website rules sometime this week. For tonights crispy comp or should I say crispy swamp, Pat Jones was the man. I don't know when I've seen such water on a golf course and am amazed we were able to play. Well done to Pat for negotiating the said water. Obvious Pat threw the ball all the way to the green and was able to master the slowish putts.
Fixture Results  (02 May 12)
Players Name Playing
Off Of
Points Position Twos Crisps Shots New Crispy
Pat Jones  40 1 1 Cut 3
Tom Sloman  38 2 1 Cut 2
Alan Hannigan  37 3 Cut 1
Jamie Carr  37 4 1 Cut 1
Graham Adams  37
Steve Coomber  36
Pep Symons  35
Dennis Breakwell  34
John Irish  34
Mark Popham  32
Ian Snell  32
Malcolm Lawrence  31
John Snell  31
John White  31
Mike Elkington  30
Steve Lowe  30
Mike Steadman  30
Roger Wallbutton  29 Yes Plus 1
Alistair Johnson  28 Yes Plus 1
Sam Wadham  28 Yes Plus 1
Bruce Chadwick  26 Yes Plus 1