So, we've all been saying that the course needs some rain and boy didn't it come down today. Fortunately though it rained early and stopped just prior to my round. some of the boys got a little wet but not bad enough to stop us hardened golfers. Well at least 12 of us were brave enough. Snelly was the one to enjoy conditions most of all tonight, although it was actually a close call with the top 3 places all being decided on count back and the winning score a mere 36. Lets hope conditions are better for next week and we get back to the usual numbers

Fixture Results  (18 Apr 12)
Players Name Playing
Off Of
Points Position Twos Crisps Shots New Crispy
Ian Snell  36 1 Cut 1
Steve Coomber  36 2 Cut 1
Alan Hannigan  36 3 1 Cut 1
Stuart Ling  34
Jim Nation  32
John White  31
Steve Sloman  28
Alistair Johnson  27
Bob McWilliams  27
Mike Elkington  26 Yes Plus 1
Jamie Carr  24 Yes Plus 1