The sun was out the skiy was blue and another good turn out for the crispy league. 29 players tonight enjoyed the conditions but scoring it would seem was difficult for all but a few. Putting was the problem for most tonight with many missing short putts and finding the greens slower than they thought. No such problems for new boy Sam Wadham with his run away score of 41. Well done Sam, hope you enjoy it next week after you have been cut by 3 shots.

Two reminders from me this week. Firstly can I remind everyone that there are no gimmes. Everyone must putt out, even a tiddly tap in must not be given. Secondly, we will continue to play off of the yellow tees until the whites are out. But anytime the white tees are in place they take priority and become the tees for the night.

Fixture Results  (11 Apr 12)
Players Name Playing
Off Of
Points Position Twos Crisps Shots New Crispy
Sam Wadham  41 1 Cut 3
Bob McWilliams  39 2 1 Cut 2
Stuart Coleman  38 3 Cut 2
Alan Hannigan  37 4 Cut 1
Bruce Chadwick  35
Jamie Tong  34
Paul Godwin  33
John Snell  33 1
Pep Symons  33
Geoff Tyler  33 1
Mike Elkington  32
Simon Foster  32
Chris Hole  32
Mark Langford  32
Ian Snell  32
John White  32
Gary Wide  32
Alan Burton  31
Jamie Carr  31
Chris Dunlop  31 1
Bob Irish  31
Stuart Ling  31 1
John Irish  30
Andy Smith  30
Pat Jones  27
Steve Coomber  24 1 Yes Plus 1
Steve Lowe  24 Yes Plus 1
Richard Palmer  15 Yes Plus 1