What a fantastic evening for our first round of Crispy Golf this year. Brilliant summer sun and warm conditions and it's only march. We had our best ever first game turn out with 29 players all trying to post that first score. Steve Sloman was top dog tonight with an impressive 42 points playing off of 5. Must have been a good round Steve with good tee to green play and putting but beware next week because it means with a club cut to 4 and -4 crispy shots you'll be playing scratch in next crispy. At least that'll give the rest of us a chance.
What amazed me was the differnce in playing conditions from the weekend. Greens much much faster, not holding so much and much more growth around the edges. It's like it was a different game almost.

Can I gently ask that if you intend to play in the crispy from now on you make it clear to your playing partners on the first tee. This will avoid an confusion or embarrassment.

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Fixture Results  (28 Mar 12)
Players Name Playing
Off Of
Points Position Twos Crisps Shots New Crispy
Steve Sloman  42 1 Cut 4
Tom Sloman  37 3 2 Cut 1
Bruce Chadwick  37 4 1 Cut 1
Alistair Johnson  37 1
Scott Leeming  37
Bob McWilliams  37 2
Jamie Tong  36 1
Pat Jones  35
Malcolm Lawrence  35 1
James Mullins  35
Ian Snell  35
Sam Wadham  35 1
Gary Wide  35
Adrian Barratt  34 1
Stuart Ling  34
Steve Lowe  34
Mark Popham  34
Jamie Carr  33
Jim Nation  33
Roger Wallbutton  33
Dennis Breakwell  31
Richard Palmer  31
Andy Smith  31
John Snell  31
Stuart Coleman  30
Pep Symons  29
Mike Elkington  27 Yes Plus 1
Chris Dunlop  26 1 Yes Plus 1
Paul Godwin  20 Yes Plus 1