The Crispy Chairman Mr Jim Nation and his trusty side kick Mr Jeff Andrews have decided to call it a day and stand down from the positions and the hard work they do each year and each week in organising our crispy golf.  I know that everybody will join me in thanking them for what they have done for nearly 7 years.  It does however leave the door wide open for anyone who is interested in coming forward, stepping up to the plate and taking over.  If you think that person might be you then make your name known as a new chair is required and will hopefully be voted in during our dinner on the 2nd of November.

Fixture Results  (12 Oct 11)
Players Name Playing
Off Of
Points Position Twos Crisps Shots New Crispy
John White  39 1 Cut 2
Mike Robinson  38 2 2 Cut 2
Andy Smith  38 3 Cut 2
Clive Smalldon  38 4 Cut 2
Paul Godwin  38
Graham Adams  37
Jeff Andrews  35
Chris Dunlop  33
Mike Elkington  33
Paddy Farrell  32
Roger Wallbutton  32
Gary Wide  32
Pat Jones  31
Mark Popham  31
Stuart Ling  29
Kevin Burt  28
Jamie Carr  28 1
Steve Sloman  28 Yes Plus 1
David Fineberg  27 Yes Plus 1
Richard Palmer  21 Yes Plus 1