Impressive scoring by Stuart Ling with 41 points gave him a close victory over Steve Lowe on 40 knocking him in to second place. Tonights win for Stu was merely a carry on from his weekend high and his big win on Sat with Jim and Jill.
Paddy found conditions reasonably tough coming in just over his handicapp however, a hole in one on the 2nd was obviously his highlight. By all accounts it was a 5 iron in to a pretty strong head wind that secured him the honour of buying the drinks.


We are currently planning to have the presentation and a bite to eat on the first Wednesday in Nov at the club with a bite to eat. Can you let us (Jim, Jeff or Ian) know if you are likely to join us and have a meal. Menu to be arranged.

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Fixture Results  (05 Oct 11)
Players Name Playing
Off Of
Points Position Twos Crisps Shots New Crispy
Stuart Ling  41 1 Cut 3
Steve Lowe  40 2 Cut 3
Mike Elkington  37 3 Cut 1
Mark Popham  37 3 1 Cut 1
Tom Sloman  35
Clive Smalldon  35
Gary Wide  35
Paddy Farrell  34 1
Jamie Carr  33
Chris Dunlop  33
Kevin Burt  32
Jeff Andrews  31
Roger Wallbutton  31
John White  31
Steve Sloman  30
Bruce Chadwick  29
Andy Smith  29
Jim Nation  28
Stuart Sully  28
Richard Palmer  27 Yes Plus 1
Mike Steadman  24 Yes Plus 1
Mike Robinson  23 1 Yes Plus 1