What a wonderful evening to enjoy our favourite pastime. Not a cloud in the sky, sunshine from wall to wall and nice warm conditions. Long may it last. The golf wasn't bad either. Snelly on top this evening with 39 and just pipping the back nine to his arch rival John White who seems determined to ensure that Snelly doesn't get in the top three. Yet again the Sloman's had good rounds with that young man Tom in the prizes for what seems forever. The evenings are drawing in now and if you want to get around in time you need to tee off early and hope there's not too many holding things up in front.
I think I witnessed a first tonight on the 18th with all four of us getting a birdie on this the last hole. I'm sure it's probably been done before (anyone know?) but pretty good golf all round even if I say so myself.
It's getting very tight at the top of the crispy league as you'll be able to see and with only 4 evenings left before the clocks change and there is still a lot to play for. Who is your money on.


We are currently planning to have the presentation and a bite to eat on the first Wednesday in Nov at the club with a bite to eat. Can you let us (Jim, Jeff or Ian) know if you are likely to join us and have a meal. Menu to be arranged.

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Fixture Results  (28 Sep 11)
Players Name Playing
Off Of
Points Position Twos Crisps Shots New Crispy
Ian Snell  39 1 1 Cut 2
John White  39 2 Cut 2
Jim Nation  38 3 Cut 2
Tom Sloman  37 4 Cut 1
Steve Sloman  37
Graham Adams  36
Mark Popham  36
Jamie Carr  35
Stuart Sully  35 1
Alan Hannigan  34
Geoff Tyler  34
Alistair Johnson  33 1
Mike Robinson  33 1
Simon Foster  32 1
Pat Jones  32
Mike Steadman  32 1
Gary Wide  31
Chris Dunlop  30
Andy Smith  30
Mike Elkington  28
Stuart Ling  26
Bruce Chadwick  26 Yes Plus 1
Richard Palmer  26 Yes Plus 1
Paddy Farrell  24 Yes Plus 1