What a wonderful evening and impressive golf by my playing partner. It really is a pleasure to watch someone score so well in such difficult conditions. If only I could play like that. I am of course talking about Alistair Johnson who scored an impressive 40 points playing off his crispy handicap of two. Putting makes all the difference and his long handle putter really is doing well. Scoring for the rest of us was difficult, the wind was difficult to read and although we have had some rain the course was still bouncy and not that easy. Chris Hole went on his holidays half way through his round tonight as he was seen playing a shot from the middle of the 11th to the ninth. Even I haven't been there and I have been most places of this course. He still got he parr though!!!
Fixture Results  (07 Sep 11)
Players Name Playing
Off Of
Points Position Twos Crisps Shots New Crispy
Alistair Johnson  40 1 1 Cut 3
Mike Elkington  36 2 Cut 1
Roger Wallbutton  36 3 Cut 1
Mike Steadman  35 4
Chris Hole  34
Tom Sloman  33
Steve Sloman  32
Andy Smith  32 1
Malcolm Lawrence  31
Ian Snell  31 1
Jeff Andrews  30
Jamie Tong  30 1
Dennis Breakwell  29
Bruce Chadwick  29
Stuart Coleman  29
Jim Nation  29
Paddy Farrell  27
Alan Hannigan  27
Stuart Ling  26
Geoff Tyler  26
Gary Wide  25 Yes Plus 1
Kevin Burt  24 Yes Plus 1
Richard Palmer  22 Yes Plus 1