A delayed start due to a Rotary society event saw the crispy boys biting at the bit eager for their golf. The weather was kind to us this evening with some blazing sunshine at the earlier end of evening and really pleasent conditions all the way through to darkness. The golf was also good this evening with the top contenders in the crispy league fighting it out for first and second position. John White, Alistair Johnson and Gary Wide all had 38 points, John just pipping Ali on count back and Gary losing out down into third. It's getting fairly bunched up at the top of the crispy league and every week counts from here on in. The course is still in good condition dispite the lack of rain but it does mean that club selection is harder when you need to take into account the run and bounce you get on the approach shots. I must mention Jamie Carr this week as he was slightly dissapointed not to get a write up last week when he won. So well done Jamie for last week winning with 38 points but oh what happened only 31 this week?
Fixture Results  (31 Aug 11)
Players Name Playing
Off Of
Points Position Twos Crisps Shots New Crispy
John White  38 1 Cut 2
Alistair Johnson  38 2 Cut 2
Gary Wide  38 3 Cut 2
Bob Irish  37 4 Cut 1
Mark Popham  37 1
Roger Wallbutton  36
Jeff Andrews  35
Paul Godwin  35
Alan Hannigan  35 1
Ian Snell  35
Pep Symons  35
Chris Dunlop  34
Paul Fineberg  34
Dennis Breakwell  32
Stuart Ling  32
Steve Sloman  32
Jamie Tong  32
Geoff Tyler  32
Graham Adams  31
Jamie Carr  31
Paddy Farrell  31
Kieran Hector  31 1
Richard Palmer  30
Stuart Coleman  28 2
Steve Lowe  28
Jim Nation  28
Andy Smith  27 Yes Plus 1
Mike Elkington  25 Yes Plus 1
David Fineberg  22 Yes Plus 1
Kevin Burt  21 Yes Plus 1