Some high scoring tonight with impressive rounds from Kevin and Paddy. Kevin pipped Paddy on count back which I guess was helped tremendously with Kev's hole in one on 16. Well done Kev, by all accounts it was a great shot and not a richochet of a tree as some members were saying. Talking of richochets, here's a question...Is it possible to be out of bounds 3 time on a hole and not actually be out of bounds once. Answer...Yes if your name is Chris Hole. Ask him as it takes some explaining. Oh, and who's a silly chairman then, turned up to play tonight with out a sand and pitching wedge and only noticed it on the 5th. That'll teach him for practising whilst relaxing in his holiday home and leaving the clubs out of the bag.
Fixture Results  (10 Aug 11)
Players Name Playing
Off Of
Points Position Twos Crisps Shots New Crispy
Kevin Burt  40 1 1 Cut 3
Paddy Farrell  40 2 Cut 3
David Fineberg  38 3 Cut 2
Pep Symons  38 4 Cut 2
Mike Elkington  37 1
Paul Godwin  36
Stuart Ling  36
Roger Wallbutton  36
Jeff Andrews  35
Jamie Tong  35 1
Jamie Carr  34
Pat Jones  34
Ian Snell  34
Malcolm Lawrence  33
Geoff Tyler  33
John White  33
Alistair Johnson  32
Gary Wide  32
Jim Nation  31
Andy Smith  31
Steve Lowe  29 1
Jim Allan  28
Chris Hole  28
Mark Popham  27
Stuart Sully  27 Yes Plus 1
Richard Palmer  25 Yes Plus 1
Clive Smalldon  23 Yes Plus 1