Another wonderful evening with the course in great condition. The green keepers and the recent weather have turned things around, evidence clearly in the growth and condition of the greens. A good winning score of 41 by Ian Snell proved too much for the preying pack of 34 players this evening. Paddy Farnell was truly disappointed when Ian entered the clubhouse as he was sitting pretty on 38 which had him the lead in the clubhouse up until then and smiling like a cheshire cat. Not every body found conditions to their liking tonight. The crispy chairman was spotted on the 12th losing his temper with the game and throwing clubs which apparently wasn't the first time. Graham Adams was seen slamming his driver in to the dirt and then overheard mumbling about breaking it over his knee. However, Mark Popham on the 15th must take first place tonight for calamities on the course. I somehow can't believe it but apparently after his tee shot he was taking his second from in front the green on the 14th. Now I can't see it myself but what you do is take your tee shot, hit the yellow markers in front of you and then it sends the ball flying back at 45 degrees over the 14th green to land embarrassingly tee side of it. I would have liked to of seen it and more over liked to have been able to take part in what must of been a great moment to laugh on the course, or more likely laugh at Mark. Hard luck mate. And finally talking of hard luck we need to take a moment to consider how Richard Palmer must be feeling. Poor old Rich not only gets cut 2 shots for his 3rd place on 38 but loses his 6 crispy shots which he has built up over the year at great expense of buying all those crisps for us to enjoy, that's a total of 8 shots lost. Must be a record.
Fixture Results  (29 Jun 11)
Players Name Playing
Off Of
Points Position Twos Crisps Shots New Crispy
Ian Snell  41 1 Cut 3
Paddy Farrell  38 2 Cut 2
Richard Palmer  38 3 Cut 2
Mike Elkington  37 4 Cut 1
Alan Hannigan  36
Pat Jones  36
Chris Hole  35
Steve Lowe  35
Gary Wide  35
John Irish  34
Steve Parker  34
Steve Sloman  34
Andy Smith  34
Stuart Sully  34
Jamie Carr  33
Bob Irish  33
Malcolm Lawrence  33 1
Mark Popham  33
Clive Smalldon  33
Graham Adams  32
Simon Cory-Humble  32
Paul Godwin  32
Alistair Johnson  32
John Snell  32 1
Pep Symons  32
Geoff Tyler  32
Tom Sloman  31
Jim Allan  30
Stuart Ling  30 1
Jim Nation  30
Jeff Andrews  29 Yes Plus 1
Roger Wallbutton  29 Yes Plus 1
John White  28 Yes Plus 1
Kevin Burt  26 Yes Plus 1