The golfing gods were smiling upon us last night. Don't know about you but after spending all morning looking at the weather when the rain clouds were opening and sending bucket loads down from above the thought of playing golf was far from appealing. However, what a lovely night it turned out to be. The only rain present was when other playing members mentioned it and yes it never materialised. What a difference the recent rain has made to the course though, green fairways and full growth on the greens made for a more receptive course but obviously longer one. John White was the main man tonight with his 41 points. "Come on chairman, surely this man needs severe cutting” this is the second time John has come in with a big score. How on earth do the rest of us have a chance? Below John there were several players with good scores all looking for that second spot on 37 and there needed to be a lot of card sorting and checking of back nine and back six to work out the eventual places for the runner up spots. At the other end of the scale we had a crispy first with a lowest score of 1 point. I have been informed that this was only after five holes and so it's not quite as bad as it might seem. I think the age old golfing problem of getting slightly frustrated with ones game may have been to blame for the early departure. Better luck next time David.
Fixture Results  (22 Jun 11)
Players Name Playing
Off Of
Points Position Twos Crisps Shots New Crispy
John White  41 1 Cut 3
Jim Nation  37 2 Cut 1
Steve Sloman  37 3 Cut 1
Tom Sloman  37 4 Cut 1
Gary Wide  37 1
Graham Adams  36
Mike Elkington  36
Paddy Farrell  36
Sean Hitchcott  36 1
Dennis Breakwell  35
Ian Snell  35
Jamie Tong  35 1
Chris Hole  33
Stuart Ling  33
Jeff Andrews  32
Jamie Carr  32
Malcolm Lawrence  32
Steve Lowe  32
Mark Popham  32
Paul Coleman  31
Andy Smith  31
Pep Symons  31
Bob Irish  30
Alistair Johnson  30
Clive Smalldon  30
Geoff Tyler  29
Kevin Burt  27
Simon Cory-Humble  27
Paul Godwin  27
Steve Parker  26
John Irish  26 1 Yes Plus 1
Richard Palmer  25 Yes Plus 1
Stuart Sully  24 Yes Plus 1
David Fineberg  1 Yes Plus 1