The Slomans were out in force tonight and meant business. Tom was victorious with 36 points beating dad down into second on count back. Although the weather was lovely yet again and the course is playing short due to the lack of rain the scores were not at all high. I guess we are finding it hard to control the balls on the hard and bouncy greens and I know that almost everyone must of had a ball which was aiming straight where we hit it only to see it hit the fairway and get one of those bounces that sends miles off line and usually into trouble. The weather forecast tonight promises some rain and for once I am only too keen to see it pour down as the course would really benefit from a drop or two.
Fixture Results  (25 May 11)
Players Name Playing
Off Of
Points Position Twos Crisps Shots New Crispy
Tom Sloman  36 1 1 Cut 1
Steve Sloman  36 2 Cut 1
Pat Jones  34 3 1
Roger Wallbutton  34 4
Steve Parker  34
Kevin Burt  32
Mike Elkington  32
Dennis Breakwell  31
Ian Snell  31
Steve Olive  30
Geoff Tyler  30
Bob Irish  29
Jeff Andrews  28
Alan Hannigan  28
Ron Clements  27
Andy Smith  27
John White  27
Richard Palmer  26
Chris Dunlop  25
Alan Evans  25
John Irish  25
Malcolm Lawrence  25
Stuart Ling  25
Jamie Carr  24 Yes Plus 1
Clive Smalldon  21 Yes Plus 1
David Fineberg  16 Yes Plus 1