If you do manage to pick up this weeks results chairman and read this then you'll know you were sorely missed tonight but we wish you all the best relaxing and taking retirement easy in your new caravan. Hope everything is going well and perhaps you can pay us a visit in the next couple of weeks. As for the golf you'll notice that Andy Smith had the quality round tonight shouting an impressive 40 points. Mighty Malc, second with 38 and then close 3rd and 4th on 36 and many others too. Quote of the night must come from Roger Neale who in passing us on the 12th tee came over to and said "the greens are awful, bunkers even worst and who put the pins in those silly places" I think though it was aimed as a mickey take to someone or was it? We also had a squalling pig on the 17th apparently, or was it that Simon Foster was hit on the elbow from Jamie Mullins drive from the 18th. He did shout!!!!!!! You have to move faster next time Simon. Hope the elbow isn't too sore.
Fixture Results  (18 May 11)
Players Name Playing
Off Of
Points Position Twos Crisps Shots New Crispy
Andy Smith  40 1 Cut 3
Malcolm Lawrence  38 2 2 Cut 2
James Mullins  36 3 Cut 1
John Snell  36 4 Cut 1
Mike Elkington  36 1
Pat Jones  36
Steve Sloman  36
Ian Snell  36
Graham Adams  35
Stuart Ling  34
Ray Martin  34
Geoff Tyler  34
Matt Wallbutton  34
Dennis Breakwell  33 1
John Irish  33
Roger Wallbutton  33
Chris Hole  32
Alistair Johnson  32
Mark Popham  32 1
Paul Godwin  31
Steve Lowe  31
Richard Palmer  31 1
Jamie Tong  31
Bob Irish  30
Tom Sloman  29
Pep Symons  29
Stuart Coleman  27
Jeff Andrews  26
Simon Cory-Humble  26
Clive Smalldon  26 Yes Plus 1
Chris Dunlop  24 Yes Plus 1
David Fineberg  24 Yes Plus 1
John White  24 Yes Plus 1