You just never know in golf and should never give up on a hole. I think I've just about seen it all tonight. Ali Johnson hits a tee shot out of bounds on the first, plays three off the tee and then pulls of a remarkable parr after his approach shot from about 150 Yrds take one bounce on the green and slam dunks in the hole...Fantastic. And another thing, what's happening with the wind at Pickeridge, I don't know if you feel the same as me but I can't seem to make out what direction it is coming from. One minute it's behind you and then you seem to be going in the same direction but the wind is in your face. Go figure! So to the Crispy tonight, well as you can see below Clive Smalldon in his first crispy this year pulls of an emphatic victory with a splendid 40 points. Good scoring Clive. Allan Hannigan came a close second on 39 and then on count back Ali Johnson lost out to Graham Adams in 3rd. Richard Palmer with just 20 points kept up his usual generosity in buying the crisps and Stuart Coleman came in with an unusual low score for him on 21. Come on Stu, the A team red card shouldn't have affected your game quite that much. Thirty Eight played tonight on what was a lovely evening again. I personally got a bit of stick after my drive on the first headed as usual straight into the trees on the right and out to the practise area. However, Malcolm Lawrence should of kept quiet as he was then seen hacking about in the trees right of the first green and indeed it did appear that he didn't hit any of the correct fairways for most of the night. You really should know when to keep quiet Malc as it does sometimes come back to bite you.
Fixture Results  (11 May 11)
Players Name Playing
Off Of
Points Position Twos Crisps Shots New Crispy
Clive Smalldon  40 1 Cut 3
Alan Hannigan  39 2 Cut 2
Graham Adams  38 3 Cut 2
Alistair Johnson  38 4 Cut 2
Mike Robinson  38 1
John Irish  36
Jamie Tong  35
Bruce Chadwick  34
Simon Cory-Humble  34 1
Steve Lowe  34
Andy Smith  34
Geoff Tyler  34 2
Dennis Breakwell  33 1
Kevin Burt  33
Ray Martin  33
John Snell  33
Roger Wallbutton  33
John White  33
Mike Elkington  32
Brian Hawkins  32
Malcolm Lawrence  32
Steve Olive  32
Ian Snell  32
Chris Dunlop  31
Steve Parker  31 1
Pep Symons  31
Jamie Carr  30
Stuart Ling  30
Stuart Sully  30
Bob Irish  29
Pat Jones  29
Gary Lawrence  28
Jim Nation  27
Jeff Andrews  26 1
Mark Popham  25 Yes Plus 1
Jill Steeles  24 Yes Plus 1
Stuart Coleman  21 Yes Plus 1
Richard Palmer  20 Yes Plus 1