So the weather has turned cooler, conditions even harder with still no rain to talk of. The fairways are running fast, greens bouncy and difficult; yet the rough has popped up with the little rain we have had to make chipping just that little bit more difficult. Chris Dunlop was top of the shop tonight with his 37. A point for clarification is needed here concerning his driver. Now itís not like me to nit pick but should borrowing a driver for the day be allowed? Only joking Chris, well done for scoring on a night which proved difficult for many of us including yours truly.
Fixture Results  (04 May 11)
Players Name Playing
Off Of
Points Position Twos Crisps Shots New Crispy
Chris Dunlop  37 1 Cut 1
Paul Godwin  36 2 Cut 1
Steve Lowe  34 3
Stuart Ling  34 4
Ron Clements  33
Mike Robinson  33
Jim Allan  32
Steve Parker  32
Steve Sloman  32
John Snell  32
John White  32
Jeff Andrews  31
Mike Elkington  30
Alan Hannigan  30
Alistair Johnson  30
Tom Sloman  30 1
Pep Symons  30
Ian Snell  29 1
Mark Popham  28
Simon Cory-Humble  27
Ray Martin  26
Andy Smith  26
Stuart Sully  26 1
Kevin Burt  25
Jamie Carr  25
Stuart Coleman  23 Yes Plus 1
John Irish  23 Yes Plus 1
Richard Palmer  22 Yes Plus 1