An outstanding 41 points from Ian Snell saw him top this week on what was yet another glorious evening for our lovely game. John White just out pipping Ray Martin for the second spot on 39. The course was in good condition with the ball running long and fast on harden fairways and approach shots bouncing through on hard but slow greens. Important Notice... Players must mark a proper score card and present it on the day. It is becoming increasingly hard to ensure the crispy league is accurate when scores come in ad-hoc on bits of paper. In future your score will disqualified without a proper card which has been marked correctly.
Fixture Results  (20 Apr 11)
Players Name Playing
Off Of
Points Position Twos Crisps Shots New Crispy
Ian Snell  41 1 Cut 3
John White  39 2 Cut 2
Ray Martin  38 3 2 Cut 1
Stuart Ling  37 4 Cut 1
Stuart Coleman  36
Pat Jones  36
Andy Smith  36
Geoff Tyler  36 1
Stuart Sully  35
Phil Barrett  34
Mark Popham  34
Jim Allan  33
Chris Dunlop  33
Jamie Carr  32
Simon Cory-Humble  32
Mike Elkington  32
Paul Godwin  32
Steve Lowe  32
Richard Palmer  32 1
Jeff Andrews  30
Mike Robinson  28
Malcolm Lawrence  28 Yes Plus 1
Chris Smith  27 Yes Plus 1
David Fineberg  17 Yes Plus 1