Yet another fantastic evening. A fantastic score as well with Chris Hole going from bottom last week to a run away winner tonight on 40 points. His playing partner second on 38 and late, very late golfers playing with torch lights in pitch black conditions saw our third spot filled by Steve Sloman. An eventful evening was had by some; Jim Nation our resident Crispy chairman tried anything to take the money in his four ball. He resorted to running his opponent over with a runaway golf trolley, but only succeeded in breaking his trolley and playing the rest of the round having literally his wheels falling off. Jill Steeles our first ever lady golfer (as far as I can recollect) was in the same group and takes another first I believe and that's taking five putts on a hole. I know its Masters week but I didn't personally think our greens were running that fast on the stint meter. Oh and one other thing I must mention or at least get you to look at. Was that Tom Sloman I see at the bottom of the pile today buying the crisps? 12 points Tom, did you only play 4 holes? Never mind Tom at least you'll stand a chance next week with the extra crispy shot. PS I think you owe your dad some money for the crisps!!
Fixture Results  (06 Apr 11)
Players Name Playing
Off Of
Points Position Twos Crisps Shots New Crispy
Chris Hole  40 1 Cut 3
Paul Godwin  38 2 Cut 2
Steve Sloman  38 3 Cut 2
Mike Elkington  37 4 Cut 1
Sam Sloman  36
Steve Lowe  35
Ian Snell  35
Anthony Mitchell  34 1
Jill Steeles  34
Graham Adams  33
Stuart Coleman  33
Chris Dunlop  33
Alistair Johnson  33
Keven Pearce  32
Bob Irish  31
Jim Nation  31
Mark Popham  30
Gary Lawrence  29
Stuart Ling  29
Malcolm Lawrence  28
Andy Smith  28
John Snell  28
Simon Cory-Humble  27
Mike Robinson  27
John White  27
Pep Symons  26
Ron Clements  24
John Irish  24 Yes Plus 1
Richard Palmer  22 Yes Plus 1
Tom Sloman  12 Yes Plus 1