A great start to what hopefully will be another great year for the Crispy Golf boys. The weather which threatened to spoil our fun if you believed the forecasters turned out to be gorgeous. 16 crispy boys turned up for the challenge and although the scoring wasn't great Iím sure good fun was had by all. Ali Johnson was top dog tonight playing some awesome and consistent golf. Lets hope tonight is a sign for things to come and both the weather and the golf remain as good throughout the year.
Fixture Results  (30 Mar 11)
Players Name Playing
Off Of
Points Position Twos Crisps Shots New Crispy
Alistair Johnson  38 1 1 Cut 2
Paul Godwin  36 2 Cut 1
Ray Martin  35 3
Chris Dunlop  33 4
Pat Jones  33
John Snell  31
Mike Elkington  30
Ian Snell  30
Simon Cory-Humble  29
Marino Griffiths  29 1
Malcolm Lawrence  29 1
Pep Symons  29
Stuart Coleman  26
John White  24
Steve Lowe  24 Yes Plus 1
Chris Hole  22 Yes Plus 1