A lovely afternoon / evening yet again. The results speak for themselves. A fantastic winning score for Roger Wallbutton of 44 playing off of 9 after his win at the weekend. Perhaps the handicap committee need to look closely at Roger over the coming weeks. I personally didn't play today but wish I did as by all accounts the sun shone on the righteous today. This must be true as Kevin Burts recent run of poorish form came to an abrupt end with a fine 37 points placing him in third place. Well done Kev, sorry about next week though as losing the 7 shots today may just make it a little harder. Kev's beaming smile from ear to ear was a pleasure to witness though; it's amazing what a good round of golf can do to self belief, obviously Roger has plenty of this at the moment. Tonight was also joyously marked with the presentation to Jakobi and family of the money raised by the crispy boys for their holiday. Once again praise needs to be expressed to Andy Smith for all his hard work, Marino for the idea and then standing way back to let others do all the hard work and all those who took part on the day and gave so generously. Well done boys.
Fixture Results  (20 Oct 10)
Players Name Playing
Off Of
Points Position Twos Crisps Shots New Crispy
Roger Wallbutton  44 1 Cut 5
Steve Sloman  38 2 Cut 2
Kevin Burt  37 3 Cut 1
Clive Smalldon  37 4 Cut 1
Simon Cory-Humble  36
Jamie Carr  35
Alan Hannigan  35
Jim Nation  35 1
Mike Elkington  34
Jon Foster  33
Bob Irish  32
Chris Dunlop  31
Brian Hawkins  31
Steve Parker  31
Geoff Tyler  31
Ron Clements  29
Tom Sloman  29
Scott Wallbutton  28 Yes Plus 1
Stuart Ling  26 Yes Plus 1
Matt Wallbutton  26 Yes Plus 1