What a lovely evening. Obviously Roger thought so as he hit an impressive 41. Well done Rog, closes challenger was that young whipper snapper Tom Sloman with 39. I played with Tom the other day and I guess that 39 points was a bad round, just ask his dad. Tom needs to check the top of the leader board for the Crispy Champ as he could possibly take the Championship with 3 good scores over the next few weeks. Come on Tom make it a fight for that much sort after top spot. We think a record was broken tonight as Andy Smith lost 7 balls in his round, any one know any different let us know unless you are too embarrassed. Apologies for last week as ther was a slight mistake made with 2nd place. A mix up with cards I believe. Allan should of been second, Stuart third and fourth is either Mike or David but we need to look back on count back. Sorry lads. Oh by the way, no one was more surprised than Mr Burt himself when he didn't have to buy the crisp tonight, well done Kev. Lastly; rumour has it that Bri left early tonight with out putting his money in the pot. Come on Bri it's only 3 quid mate, oh and another 3 quid for the crisps.
Fixture Results  (29 Sep 10)
Players Name Playing
Off Of
Points Position Twos Crisps Shots New Crispy
Roger Wallbutton  41 1 Cut 3
Tom Sloman  39 2 Cut 2
Mark Popham  38 3 Cut 2
Stuart Ling  36
Steve Sloman  36
Alan Hannigan  35
John White  35
Pat Jones  33
Ray Martin  33
Jamie Carr  32 1
Kevin Burt  31
Richard Palmer  24
Brian Hawkins  22 Yes Plus 1
Andy Smith  16 Yes Plus 1